My Experience at China Sourcing Fair in spring in 2015

April 12 , 2015 is a wonderful day for me to start my new journey. It is my first time at an international trade show,  which many famous international brands here to display their electronic products and components. The fair is organized and professional. Many buyers from different countries like India, Korea, America, Canada, France, Sweden and Japan come to find right suppliers. I am so lucky to have an opportunity to communicate with two clients from Korea. Ido not have much relevant business experience. So we talked something about differences between Chinese and Korean on the journey to Hong Kong. Read more

french customer

The Order Story between My France Customers And Me

    I remembered it was the first week in October in 2014 when I received my first order from my France customers. I never done business with any French before. But this time, they leaved me a very deep impression. Why? The French are very formal, serious and dedicated when doing work. All our documents and data including confidential agreements and terms of engagement wre listed at every details. What’s more, all documents must be signed to confirm before producing goods. I appreciated these qualities so much. Read more

wireless presenter

What Is Fly Mouse?

Fly mouse is a concept promoted in 2011. It means the mouse can flly in the air and its alternate name is air mouse, It can sense the direction and the change of speed with a built-in gyroscope. People can control move of cursor of electronic products like  android TV box and computer by moving air mouse. People do not need the traditional keyboard and their hands can be most free. With fly mouse, users can control computer devices, play motion sensing games, surf on the Internet and chat with friends on the couch.  Read more

Consumer Electronics Show in 2015

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How does a Smart Card Reader work?

Smart Card Readers are also known as card programmers (because they can write to a card), card terminals, card acceptance device (CAD) or an interface device (IFD). There is a slight difference between the card reader and the terminal. The term is generally used to describe a unit that interfaces with a PC for the majority of its processing requirements. In contrast, a terminal is a self-contained processing device.

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A Promising Young Keyboard Enterprise Is Walking on Stage

April comes and it fulls of spring breath. The four-day of Hongkong China Sourcing Fair kicked off in Hong Kong Asia World Expo. Zoweetek elite group took the latest and professional products appeared in the exhibition. We show our products in the exhibition, including 2.4G Mini Keyboards, Wireless Presenter, Wearable Devices, USB Peripheral, Bluetooth 4.0 Car Kit, Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Transmitter and Audio Receiver and Smart Power Timer. Theses products are not just fashionable in style, but have an exeleent performance. During the four days, the Mini Keyboards had gained many visitors’favor and attracted many people  to stop to visit or experience these latest products.   2 1267-183 Read more

ZWEETEK new product“ZW-51024” launch!


*83Keyboard QWERTY 2.4G Wireless Keyboard

*Mini Keyboard + Fly Mouse *TPU Keys + Plastic Shell

*2.4G Wireless Receiver, Plug-and-Play Read more

bluetooth mini keyboard

ZWEETEK ultra-slim keyboard with touchpad“ZW-51012” launch!


*USB charging cable

*Receiver (dongle): Nano style

Connect port: With USB2.0 above

RF mode: 2.4Ghz GFSK Read more

mini remote keyboard

Hottest!ZOWEETEK supper pretty QWERTY Keyboard with Air Mouse and IR Remote Control Release!

The latest IR Remote Control with keyboad and fly mouse

*45 Keyboard QWERTY 2.4G Wireless Keyboard

*Mini Keyboard + Fly Mouse + IR Remote Control

*TPU Keys + PC Shell Read more

Hottest!Super Speaker and Earphone Wireless Mini Fly Mouse Keyboard with Touchpad and Backlit

*70 Keys QWERTY 2.4G Wireless Keyboard

*Mini Keyboard+Air Mouse+Touchpad+Speaker+Earphone jack+Backlit(27LED)

*TPU Keys+PC Shell

*2.4G Wireless Receiver, Plug-and-Play Read more