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How I Successfully Did a Business with a Regular Customer in Recent Month?

In recent month, I successfully did a business with a regular customer who  mainly sold all kinds of electronic products in physical stores. But this customer did not place any order before. Therefore, I kept sending introductory mails of all kinds of products to the customer for a long time since I begun to deal with him. And he decided to place an order with me after a long time of negotiation. The product he needed was Remote Control. So I sent several free samples to him when he  placed the first order, but the products failed to meet his need. Having done the first order, I sent the development letter of the car kit to headquarter of the customer once again, and headquarter was interested in the product, so that I resent the sample to the customer for teasting. In this way, I finally got an new order.

So how we exchange with each other? Of course, we choose the most fashionable way—-email to contact with each other.

How can I successfully persuade the client to buy the product?

It certainly depends on the quality of the product. I introduced the great and unique advantages of the product to him, and the product was what he was looking for.  Firstly, the mew Bluetooth 4.0 is power-saved and time-saved and it is easy to operate. In this way, users don’t need to worry ablut battery is low. Secondly, it allows you to hand-free on your Bluetooth-enabled phone, which means that you don’t need to worry about being stopped by an officer with a tickedt! Thirdly, built-in high performance stereo audio code enables you a wondrful music journey. What’s more, echo and cancerling technology supply a clearer call quality.

In addition, we also have exclusive agencies in US, Germany, United Kingdom, Japan and Italy, And the car kit is widely recognized by users in foreign market.

Everything does not happen at once. Only know about the real of the customers can we have the oppertunity to cooperate. Maybe you sent many development letters to the customers, and there was no feedback at all. In other words, they did not need the products. What you should do is to continue to write letters of the products to them and ask their interests at an appropriate time.

For after-sells service is very important for both constomers’ use and our company’s improvement. Hence, we will keep knowing about the use of the products and providing advice to help them so as to improve the quality of the products.