french customer

The Order Story between My France Customers And Me

    I remembered it was the first week in October in 2014 when I received my first order from my France customers. I never done business with any French before. But this time, they leaved me a very deep impression. Why? The French are very formal, serious and dedicated when doing work. All our documents and data including confidential agreements and terms of engagement wre listed at every details. What’s more, all documents must be signed to confirm before producing goods. I appreciated these qualities so much.

    The customers liked our 2.4 GHz Wireless Mini Keyboard with Touchpad (ZW-51009) very much. And the market in france was quite good. So he was going to make a large deal with us. In addition,they invested a large sum of money to make an advertisement of 2.4 GHz Wireless Mini Keyboard with Touchpad in order to promote the new machine. It was my first time to make business with French clients and it was more difficult than I thought before. However, it was a challenge as well as an opportunity for me to create my business.

    I was glad to arrange production. But some problems happened to us. Fortunately, We the manufacturer finally found solution to these problems. At the beginning, We need to provide samples to the customer. But due to negligence, we made mistakes to the sample about two times. The customer was unsatisfied with our performance. In order to correct the mistakes, we arranged two technicians to supervise the production of the samples and I myself had to explain the reasons with my customer. With 3months communication, I eventually got the confidence from my customer. It spent me 3 months!!!  But I thought it deserved.Hahaha~LOL

    After the spring festival, we begun to negotiate again. Yes, my customers finally gave me an large order. So I begun to arrange workers to produce goods when receiving down payment from the customer. About one month, the goods were totally produced.

    However, problems happened again! Stickers on the touchpad need to be been redone for the printing issue with the logo. In consequence, we have to ask the supplier to provide new materials and arranged workers to correct the mistakes overnights in order to deliver goods in time. Most colleagues in the office came to help me. We worked hard because we did not want to disappoint our customer and we wanted to satisfy the the customers demands.

    Good news was that the customers were very satisfied with our solution to the problems. And they will continue to pay orders with us. Now, it is April 21th. Half year has been passed. But my first order gives me a lot. The France customers and I negotiate the business quite well. And we will continue to cooperate.

    Last but not least, I want to say thank you to my colleagues and my customer for their understand. Thanks!