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Ultrathin Wireless Solution

Zoweetek introduces the ultrathin wireless solution for Android, Windows & iOS

The ultrathin Zoweetek Entea Universal Wireless Keyboard is the all-in-one solution for tablets, smartphones, Apple TV and Smart TVs. With its brushed aluminum design and ultra-thin profile, the Entea is a stylish addition to any interior. It’s sleek casing reduces the risk of dust and dirt. Moreover, the light weight and compact design makes the Entea keyboard perfect to take with you. Another great feature is that it easily works with any Bluetooth device in your home and automatically adapts to any platform, such as Android, Windows or iOS. This means all media functions for each platform remain available, like the home button and media player controls (volume control and Play-Pause). Alltogether, the Zoweetek Entea Universal Wireless Keyboard provides a comfortable typing experience for any device, ideal for everyday use!

The Zoweetek Entea Universal Wireless Keyboard is available in stores now.