wireless tv keyboard

New Wireless TV Keyboard & Air Mouse

Your remote control is outdated in comparison with the new Wireless TV Keyboard & Air Mouse.
With this light weight keyboard and air mouse you can easily type, browse the web and navigate on your Smart TV or Game Console.

The new Zoweetek Wireless TV Keyboard & Air Mouse makes sure you can use your smart device to the fullest. While browsing the internet, using your apps or social networking, the light weight keyboard and air mouse will give the best user experience.

wireless tv keyboard

With the Zoweetek Wireless TV Keyboard & Air Mouse you’ll have full access to all letters and characters at once. Both quick and comfortable while surfing the internet or posting social updates.

The air mouse has the same handy features you are used to with a regular mouse. You can directly select links on a website, navigate your Smart TV interface or use apps.

The Zoweetek Wireless TV Keyboard & Air Mouse is the perfect addition to your smart devices. Its light and ergonomic design offers functionality and comfort within the palm of your hand. The buttons have a precise and comfortable keystroke making the typing enjoyable.

Thanks to its advanced technology you don’t need to point the Air Mouse directly to the TV for a precise control. The Micro USB receiver offers a range of 10 meters, making the Smart TV Keyboard suitable for any living room and with the included USB cable you can easily charge the Smart TV Keyboard in no time.

The Zoweetek Wireless Keyboard & Air Mouse is available in stores now!