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New Wireless TV Keyboard & Air Mouse

Your remote control is outdated in comparison with the new Wireless TV Keyboard & Air Mouse.
With this light weight keyboard and air mouse you can easily type, browse the web and navigate on your Smart TV or Game Console. Read more

wireless keyboard

Ultrathin Wireless Solution

Zoweetek introduces the ultrathin wireless solution for Android, Windows & iOS

The ultrathin Zoweetek Entea Universal Wireless Keyboard is the all-in-one solution for tablets, smartphones, Apple TV and Smart TVs. Read more

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Quick and comfortable tablet use made easy

Tablet PCs are everywhere nowadays – at work, at school, on-the-go and at home. The compact PCs are practical and flexible tools with a number of great added extras. The only problem: typing on touchscreens is not practical and is often awkward and laborious. Read more